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Silicon Valley Chapter of LES at Oracle

Moderated a stellar panel consisting of:

Mark Jen, CTO & Co-Founder, Common Networks

Bill Loesch, Member, Band of Angels

Steve Millard, Co-Founder of four companies taken public

Ms. Manthi Nguyen, Member, Sand Hill Angels

Randy Williams, Founder and CEO, Keiretsu Forum

Moderator: Mark Holmes, CEO, PatentBridge & Member, Band of Angels

Do Investors Care about 5G & IP

5G is expected to a boom for startups innovating in artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, robotics, signal optimization, and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). Advantages of signal performance improvement from 5G will be faster video streaming and real-time gaming. Opportunities will abound in the entire information and communications technology industry – including chipmakers, hardware and software companies. With the higher speed data transfer businesses will have countless devices communicating to each other and into the cloud, streaming massive amounts of data. IoT devices will proliferate at an even higher rate. All of which will present opportunities for inventors and startups to offer new technologies. And the angels and VC’s who will finance them.

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