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ACG (Association for Corporate Growth) Silicon Valley Dinner

Attended a thought-provoking evening at NetApp with my friend and fellow Band of Angels member Dr. Jacques F. Vallée sponsored by ACG (Association for Corporate Growth) Silicon Valley. Jacques is also a venture capitalist, computer scientist, author, former astronomer, and General Partner at Euro-America. At dinner I had the pleasure of sitting next to his lovely wife and torturing her with my anemic French.

Jacques’ talk entitled Think About TOMORROW Today “When Strategy Fails: Managing Impossible Futures” demonstrated his keen insights as to why certain events occur and how we in Silicon Valley are affected by them. Jacques should know. Since 1984, he has served as an early-stage investor and director of over 60 high-technology companies, a third of which went public through acquisitions or IPOs.

Of course in his free time Jacques has had a deep and involved interest in astronomy, in writing, and in the frontiers of research, notably unidentified aerial phenomena. He was awarded the Jules Verne Prize for a science fiction novel in French.

Ah, the underachieves of Silicon Valley.

#organization #goodworkhabits

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