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The Intersection at Google

Attended The Intersection at Google.

The Intersection bills itself as a one-day gathering of innovative thinkers, designed to stir your creative imagination, vision and action-planning strategies. It brings leading innovators from a number of fields to share their thoughts about up-and-coming trends in personal, team and organizational creativity, as well as social impact. It certainly does. Among the speakers:

Randy Haykin Founding Partner, Gratitude Network Evan Williams Co-Founder of Twitter and CEO of The Obvious Corporation Barry Zito All-Star & Cy Young Recipient Pitcher, San Francisco Giants Steve Jurvetson Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson Frans Johansson Author, The Medici Effect and The Click Moment Bill Draper Managing Partner, Draper Richards Nathan Myhrvold, Former CTO of Microsoft and Founder of Intellectual Ventures

It promised to — and did — uncover new ideas, tools and “intersections” that can be applied to one’s personal or professional life and help inspire social change.

#customerengagement #clientsatisfaction

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